Email hosting with my own domain name for free 2018 2018-12-10

🐰 How about hosting Email using own domin with ZOHO

In the past, ZOHO is the best free Email hosting provider, but now the POP/IMAP features will not be available in the free mail hosting plan

🎃 How about host your own domain email with yandex

Can I trust Yandex mail? probably not

I was trying to verify MX records in yandex, but it keeps on throwing me "MX record not found", its user experience is very bad

Finally, I found

🚌 Why Hosting your own domaon Email with 25mail

Free plan: 1 mailbox; up to 500MB of storage; up to 200 sent emails; and up to 2,000 forwarded emails

No extra charge for extra email addresses (cf. mailboxes) or domains

🗻 Signup for your 25 Mail St

Wait for Email notification after create account

🐝 Active your account

Log in:

Active your account

🤔 Set up DNS

  • MX Record

  • SPF TXT Record

    "v=spf1 a mx ~all"

  • DKIM TXT Record

    To verify the DKIM entry run:

    dig +short -t TXT

🐮 Add Mail box

For example:


🏀 Add alias box

alias: *

🍣 Email client settings (Claws Mail)

  • Basic

    • Mail address:
    • Server for receiving:
    • SMTP server (send):
    • User ID:
    • Password:
  • Receive

    • Authentication method: LOGIN
  • Send

    • SMTP Authentication (SMTP AUTH) checked
      • Authentication methon: LOGIN
  • SSL

    • IMAP4: Use STARTSSL checked
    • Send (SMTP): Use STARTSSL checked
  • Advanced

    • SMTP Port: 587, 25 or 2525
    • IMAP4 Port: 143 (993 for SSL)

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